The Research Behind Reconnective Healing

Apr 17, 2017 | Reconnective Healing

By: Barbara Stahura

When Dr. Eric Pearl began exhibiting a mysterious healing ability in 1993, he could imagine neither what it might be nor its source. As a successful Los Angeles chiropractor with a dozen years’ experience, he was a firm believer in evidence-based medicine that operates on proven scientific principles. But this new ability was unlike any science-based method he knew. It manifested as a strange, vibrating energy in his hands, and many of his patients were healed, often dramatically, when he directed this energy cowards them.

Several years Iacer, Dr. Pearl met Gary Schwanz, Ph.D., of the University of Arizona. As head of the Human Energy Systems Department (now called the Laboracory for Advances in Consciousness and Health), Schwartz invited Dr. Pearl co his lab co begin research on the mysterious energy. Dr. Pearl was deeply curious about it and he also knew that most people unfamiliar with concepts of energy healing would not pay any attention, let alone believe, unless valid research provided a solid foundation. So he accepted the invitation, beginning more than a decade of research into what he had come co call Reconnective Healing.

For that first study, Schwartz devised a series of rests and measurements around the field of Eric’s body and what Eric could transmit. Using measuring devices such as an EEG, EKG, and a gamma ray detector, Schwanz discovered chat Reconnective Healing was real, palpable, and very different than anything seen before. Schwartz’s further studies with more sophisticated and sensitive devices such as a biophoton meter, extremely low frequency magnecometer, and laser profusion imager, confirmed these results and offered even more informacion about the energy of Reconnective Healing.

In his later “Energy Healing Baseline” srudy funded by the National Instirutes of Health, Schwartz studied 142 energy healing modalities including Reiki, Qigong, Johrei, and Reconneccive Healing, along with about 10 practitioners of some of them. He wanted co measure the basic electromagnetic properties chat each practitioner was able to create, oscillate, emit or transmit.

He discovered significant changes in the brain-wave states of Reconneccive Healing practitioners and those practicing other modalities. Traditional energy healers tend to have expanded alpha brain-wave scares and decreased beta states when they work. However, Reconnective Healing practitioners experience decreases in both alpha and beta waves-a combination that takes them far beyond normal coherence.

In addition, Schwartz found that Reconnective Healing practitioners don’t become an energy conduit. Instead, they become more of a catalyst, and, explains Or. Pearl, “by a process of attention, by basically providing our presence and feeling for sensations around somebody, there is a flow directly from the Field itself into the client. It doesn’t flow through us.”

Schwartz has also investigated the power of Reconnective Healing in a series of tests with comparable leaves cut from planes. Over rime, he measured the life force of the cur leaves with a biophocon emission meter, which measures the amount of extremely tiny pulses oflighc that emanate from every living thing. Biophocons “bleeding” from the cut leaves is a sign that the life force is decreasing.

In one of these tests, Reconnective Healers worked with one leaf while another was left alone. “When we applied Reconnective Healing, in some cases the leaves were able co stay alive as long as 90 days,” says Dr. Pearl, “whereas the leaves that were left co their own accord died on average somewhere between 14 co 28 days. It was really a dramatic difference. Something was providing life support and life sustaining benefit to the leaf as a result of interacting with the Reconnective Healing frequencies.”

William Tiller, Ph.D., fellow co the American Academy for the Advancement of Science and professor emeritus of the Stanford University’s Department of Materials Science, began researching Reconnective Healing in 2006. He’s been investigating how the quantum properties of a space, such as a hotel conference room, change whenthe teaching seminars are conducted. His discoveries are equally intriguing.

Most significantly, he has found that Reconnective Healing seminar sites display negative entropy. That is, instead of entropy, or disorder (which is the usual behavior of energy), these seminar sites manifest just the opposite, or more order in the quantum field. He has measured this shift beginning up to 36 hours before the seminar begins and continuing for up to several days afterward.

Tiller has found that changes also occur in the site’s excess thermodynamic free energy. In fact, these changes are so dramatic that if they were compared to temperature, the room would measure 300 degrees centigrade. But while the temperarure does not rise, the energy, light, and quantum information charging the room definitely do. Tiller also believes that changes in molecular structure might also occur, along with changes in all the laws of physics, as we currently understand them. These shifts in energy, according to Tiller, are probably what enable people from all walks of life and educational backgrounds to come to the seminar and leave two days later with the very real power to heal others and themselves.

Konstantin Korotkov, Ph.D., professor of Computer Science and Biophysics at Saint-Petersburg (Russia) Federal University oflnformacional Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, is a third researcher investigating Reconnective Healing. He has studied the energies of the seminar sites as well as their effects on seminar attendees. His research substantiates the findings ofTiller and Schwartz. By measuring the size and intensity of the field effects in the seminar room, he has found that they become dramatically more coherent every time a new concept is introduced. This means that the people in the room, as part of the field, are also similarly affected.

Korotkov has measured the energy fields of many locations reputed to have extra-strong or anomalous energies, including Sedona, Arizona; the pyramid of Giza in Egypt; Machu Picchu in Peru; and Angel Falls in Venezuela. And, explains Dr. Pearl, “he says what we’re seeing with Reconnective Healing is more intense and has a greater amplitude and has never been seen on the planet before. He’s kind of measured everything on the planet, and so what he’s saying here is chat we’re on to something new and powerful. It’s more specific, it’s more profound, it’s more intense.”

No one has yet discovered what Reconnective Healing actually is, although Dr. Pearl says, “it’s not for lack of trying or devising testing methodologies. It’s just that what seems to be happening here is so much bigger than any one test can measure or any one piece of equipment can actually determine.”

Based on all the research to date, Dr. Pearl and the researchers believe that it is a new type of energy that has only now arrived on Earth. As such, researchers are having o piece together bits of the story based on each study.

“As Dr. Korotkov says, this really is a new field. We don’t have all the answers yet,” says Dr. Pearl. “But there’s something very, very amazing going on here. It’s not energy healing as we traditionally know or have studied. There’s sometl1ing more. We don’t have all the answers yet, but it sure is fun to figure it out.”

The powerful and profound results of this research is attracting the attention of the best and brightest in the scientific community and has been published in a book edited by Konstantin Korotkov, PhD entitled Science Confirms Reconnective Healing.

Barbara Stahura is the author of After Brain Injury: Telling Your Story, the first journaling book specifically written for people with brain injury and family caregivers. Barbara teaches journaling workshops and has experienced a Reconnective Healing Seminar, which inspired her to learn more about the science behind it.