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Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing is a return to an optimal state of balance. It is the result of interacting with the fully comprehensive Reconnective Healing spectrum of frequencies that consists of energy, light, and information. Its first basic element is energy.

Distance Healing

Distance is relative, it is a physical world limitation. Distance healing is as effective as healing in person, some will even say they feel stronger energy. We simply set up a time for the session and coordinate start and end times. I interact with the Reconnective Healing frequencies in exactly the same way as I would if you were in the room with me.


TRE® (Tension, Stress & Trauma Release Exercise) is an innovative series of exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension, and trauma. Created by Dr. David Berceli, Ph.D., TRE® safely activates a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating that releases muscular tension, calming down the nervous system. When this muscular shaking/vibrating mechanism is activated in a safe and controlled environment, the body is encouraged to return back to a state of balance.

Animal Healing

Reconnective Healing has the potential to assist all living things and animals respond very well. As with humans, these healing frequencies assist the animal on all levels. It’s an opportunity to bring your pet to an optimum state of balance; allowing your pet to interact with these frequencies will produce real effects on their DNA, as shown in multiple scientific studies. And the outcomes go far beyond the physical sphere.


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