Reconnective Healing: Changing the Healing Landscape

Apr 15, 2017 | Reconnective Healing

By Chiwah Slater

In the years since the publication of his internationally bestselling book, The Reconnection—Heal Others, Heal Yourself in 2001, controversial former chiropractor Dr. Eric Pearl has redefi ned energy healing and brought new excitement to the energy healing community. Dr. Pearl claims that Reconnective Healing has produced statistically signifi cant results for a wide range of medical conditions. In a 2013 appearance on the Dr. Oz Show, he said he had trained some “75,000 people around the world a good 15,000 of which are mainstream health care practitioners, doctors, nurses, physical therapists.” Reconnective Healing practitioners now practice in every state in this country and in many other countries. His book is available in some forty languages and has been endorsed by Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer. Last month his trainings were offered in Sweden, France, Australia, Miami and Boulder. He will be in San Diego in November to offer all three levels of his trainings.

What is Reconnective Healing, and how does it change the healing landscape? Put quite simply, Reconnective Healing is a way to transcend the complex energy healing techniques we have learned over the years and access a more comprehensive dimension of our being. In the healing world, the techniques we’ve learned have given us a proper sense of balance. We have been taught one set of techniques, and then another, and another. If we continue to add certifi cates onto certifi cates, we must admit that we have not mastered healing itself. Think of it this way: When you learned to ride a bicycle, you needed training wheels. But once you had one set of training wheels, you didn’t need to add six more sets! Reconnective Healing came to show us how to master healing itself, how to let go of all the techniques. Word soon got out that it was different, that it was healing without technique. Furthermore, the healings were fairly instantaneous, and they were comprehensive, and for the most part permanent. The scientists told us they thought it presented a level of healing to which we’d had no access to before. They said that although it includes all the levels of energy healing accessible in the past, we’re also now receiving light of a higher vibration than that previously available to us. Then they said this light is not just of a higher vibration, but also more coherent, more harmonic, that the healing tends to simply vibrate away disharmony, much as truth vibrates away untruth. The third thing they said was that this light constitutes an expanded level of nonverbal information.

Can you elaborate on that a bit, help us understand what that means? The scientists are saying it’s simple to understand the healings that are occurring if we understand two things: First, that we have been living in a four-dimensional world, with the fourth dimension being time, as Einstein explained. But imagine beyond that a huge multidimensional universe, inside which we inhabit a tiny balloon. The balloon is comprised of the four dimensions, and everything inside the balloon is energy. For everything is energy. When we heal using energy technologies, we focus on specifi c aspects of that energy. But whatever system we’re using, by virtue of being a technique, only addresses part of the energy fi eld. That’s why Qi Gong is accessed through different forms than Reiki, and why there are different forms of Reiki. With Reconnective Healing, the fi rst thing we do is to remove the training wheels—the technique—so that all of the energy we’ve always had access to is available, and you learn simply to become the full spectrum of energy that you already are.

And what is the second thing that scientist’s say we need to understand? The second thing is, scientists also recognize a new level of the gift that has not always been available to us: the understanding that time is moving faster. And as time moves faster, it expands—and not just in one direction, like a line from Naples to Main Street. Imagine a tiny dot with arrows shooting out in every conceivable direction at once. That is what is happening with time. Time is expanding in all directions—which means that our balloon of existence, our balloon of time, is expanding. When you infl ate a balloon it becomes thinner, more transparent, more permeable. And the energy inside the balloon begins to interact with the energy outside the balloon. This energy is neither new nor old; it is timeless. It’s new to us because it’s available here for the fi rst time. It’s the more expansive, comprehensive, coherent, harmonic levels of light that science has been measuring. As time expands, the next level is the level where the balloon begins to tear, and then to disappear. Now, consider what happens if we still exist inside a balloon that no longer exists! We fi nd ourselves existing inside an illusion. And in fact, science has explained that time is an illusion.

We’ve all heard that, of course. But what does it mean for us as physical beings? The wonderful thing is that by interacting with our natural fullness—the fullness to which we all return when we experience physical death—we become more multidimensional, timeless beings—more of who and what we are. Reconnective Healing allows us to access the fullness of the energy of being here. And as we access the energy of being here without using technique, we expand into greater levels of light that can only exist outside of time. I’ve said to scientists, “This is very esoteric, spiritual, and metaphysical sounding!” But they insist that it is based on solid science. They say the reason they are interested is that because the healings are so instantaneous, comprehensive, and lifelong, they recognize that this is coming not from time and space, but from a higher field.

How is the Reconnection energy different from other healing energies? Science is now clear that what it is calling the Reconnective Healing Spectrum (or Frequency) is not different from that accessed in Reiki or any of the new (old) healing techniques. Instead, it includes them all. It is more. It’s not better it’s more. To access the whole of healing, we have to let go of the techniques that brought us to where we are and allow ourselves to bathe in the fullness of the entire spectrum.

Back to the origins of Reconnective Healing: How did it first come to you? It came as a total surprise. I was minding my own business. I went home one Wednesday thinking I was a chiropractor, and came back on Monday thinking I was something else. (My parents had always told me I was something else, but I don’t think that’s what they had in mind!) Here’s how it came to me: I was asleep, and in the middle of the night I was awakened by a really bright light—nothing spiritual looking, just a lamp that had turned itself on. I fi gured there was some electrical problem. But I also noticed the bedroom door was open, and I always close it. And I felt like I was being watched. I thought there was someone in my house, so I got up and went out with a knife, a bottle of pepper spray, and my Doberman pinscher. But I didn’t fi nd anyone. On Monday, when I fi nished adjusting my fi rst patient, I told him to close his eyes and allow the adjustment to settle in. I didn’t touch him, but when he opened his eyes he said he had felt hands on his forehead, his arms and his ankles—all at the same time. And he asked, “Who was that, watching there by the door?” I told him there was no one, but he didn’t believe me. My second patient that day told me the same kinds of things. She reported feeling multiple pairs of hands on her body, and seeing gorgeous colors she’d never seen before—a whole array of gold and violets and whites—and smelling fl oral aromas she’d never smelled before. Every one of my seven patients that day reported similar experiences. I observed that as I held their hands, their bodies would go into involuntary eye movements, facial movements, and all kinds of little movements. I realized I could play with those movements, that without touching them I could get them to move a fi nger or a leg or a toe. So there I was, walking around waving my hands, looking like a fool. But patients started calling to say things like “The garage door opened by itself,” or “My TV turned itself off (or on),” or “I felt these sensations in my hands, and all of a sudden my grandmother was able to walk after her stroke.” Incredible healings were taking place. Patients were getting up out of wheelchairs; children were being healed of cerebral palsy and epilepsy. I said I didn’t do any of it, and I didn’t tell anyone about it. But word got out. Patients started coming from all around the globe. As time went on, we began to realize that once people interact with the Reconnective Healing system, they can have their own healings and they can heal others.

Have you worked with patients who suffer from Parkinsons or Tourettes Syndromes? Yes, I have. And while there have been dramatic healings, you have to understand that some heal fully, some partially. Some may not see any obvious healing at all. And some have a healing that is not at all what they anticipated, but a healing from something else. This is because it’s not the disease process that undergoes the healing, but rather the individual person. Some of us go through our healing challenges to learn our own lessons, and some of us to help with the lessons of others close to us. Some of us have chosen illness as a way to give love, or as a way to receive love. It is most often not a conscious choice, but our higher knowingness making that choice. If you’re lucky—it’s a funny word in this context, as it has nothing to do with chance—but if you’re lucky, you receive the healing you desire. But if you are truly lucky, you receive a healing you haven’t even dreamed of. Often immediately, but sometimes it is delayed in coming about. But it is always a question of healing the person, not the illness.

How do our expectations and beliefs affect the results? In the beginning my patients came to see a chiropractor, and I thought I was one. We had no hope or belief or anticipation. Later on, people came that didn’t believe at all, and sometimes they glared angrily. But you don’t need to believe. I would tell them, “Just take this rare opportunity to rest your eyes,” and they had healings. If anyone did not experience a healing, it was the person who was so attached to needing it to be real that their attachment stopped them from opening to the energy.