“Reconnecting… the secret to all healing”

Apr 19, 2017 | Reconnective Healing

-Dr. Wayne Dyer, the best-selling author of The Power of Intention

For 12 years I was very happy as a doctor. I had one of the largest and most successful chiropractic practices in Los Angeles and that was how I thought I would spend my life. I was also in a wonderful six-year relationship that I thought was going to be the relationship of my life. We were even at the point where we were planning to have children; we had even decided we wanted two. Everything was in place until the fateful day it wasn’t. My relationship ended and it was devastating.

Now I know the relationship was supposed to end. And it led me to an extraordinary reconnection and relationship with myself.

Six months after the relationship ended, the most remarkable thing happened; the healings began. So you can say that the emotional shock in my life may have been one of the last things that opened the door for the healings to come through, and that the Universe saw to it that I was free of the responsibilities that would have inhibited me from being able to devote my life, to go out further and to assist millions of others in their healing.

I see now that reconnecting to our Selves, our life’s purpose, and mission and trusting the path is what brings health and wellbeing to our lives and that of others.

Somewhere in my 12th year of practice, I went home on a Thursday thinking that I was a Doctor of Chiropractic and when I came back on that Monday, I was something else. Mind you, my parents had always told me that I was something else, but this probably wasn’t what they had in mind.

Strangely, my patients began reporting healings. What I had inadvertently discovered was a method of being a catalyst for people to experience mental, physical and emotional healing that became known as Reconnective Healing.

In Reconnective Healing, people have an easy way to reconnect with their optimal Selves…to reconnect with who they really are at their very core.

By opening ourselves to a Universe that conveys corrective energy, light, and information into our systems, we restore that connection to our original, pure self. This enables us to make better, healthier and wiser choices.

Anyone can learn how to do this. There are many ways that people have begun to achieve this state of “reconnection,” as can be seen by many of the Eastern Philosophies. Reconnective Healing is a more evolved way because today we have become more evolved. It is a matter of being willing to let go of behaviors that mask who we are and embrace energy or power that knows our true self.

When we do this, it often presents us with the opportunity to discover our life purpose, one of the most empowering changes in our lives. When we know our life purpose and follow that path, it allows us to experience a real sense of happiness. Happiness is our true nature.

When we reconnect with our true self, we recognize and accept our own perfection. Instead of seeing ourselves as insufficient, as many of us are taught to believe, we again see that we are indeed whole and perfect beings, and can strive to remain as close to that vision of ourselves as possible.

How do we grow more deeply into our true self? The answer is in the questioning. By admitting we don’t know the answers and are willing to not know, suddenly all the possibilities and the potential in the world open up to us. We say, “I don’t know, however, I see this possibility and this and this…” And when we put the possibilities together, we discover what at first seem to better answer… As we allow ourselves to not know, we discover that we observe more and more. This deepens our self-knowledge and allows new wisdom to come through that points us towards our greater truth and our natural state of connection.

Health challenges are often a result of disconnection with this original state of ultimate health. What we need to understand is that we take on these health challenges for many reasons of which we are not consciously aware. Asking the right questions, observing, and being open to the self-healing power of reconnection begins the physical healing process.

Our most daunting challenges may be our greatest gifts.

Adversity is often the trigger for people to begin the reconnection process. It is often that “dark night of the soul,” a disappointment or great loss that makes people reassess their lives, and quest for something more. Though it may not seem it at first, this is truly a gift because it forces us to reconnect with who we desire to be and who we were intended to be.

As you reconnect with your higher inner self, you vibrate at a higher level of light. We are not alone. We are not individuals; we are all connected. So everyone with whom we interact shares this and all are brought up to a higher level of light vibration, a higher level of interaction with the healing spectrum of energy, light, and information. Whether it is shared via a tone of voice, via a light touch, via a smile, or just being in the presence of someone else who is in that state, it somehow reminds us subliminally that this is our natural state of balance. And we return to it without often even being aware of that change has taken place.

We are then able to assist others in remembering and returning to their own original fullness as human beings and seemingly restore them to a more complete reconnection with the Universe.

As I teach in my seminars, this elevates us all to a new level of healing. As we reconnect to our Self, we reconnect to Humanity