About Rebecca Thompson

Rebecca Thompson traveled extensively in her childhood getting a world view of multiple countries. She went to schools in Pakistan, Thailand, Switzerland, England, Israel, Philippines and the US. The rich, varied experiences and adventures of crisscrossing the globe instilled in Rebecca a deep respect for all cultures, religions and peoples.

She has worked in multiple careers as a Business Administrator, Network Support Engineer and Sales Engineer. She is also a short-story writer. 

After taking time to be a caretaker to her elderly parents, Rebecca considered returning to corporate life. Awed by Reconnective Healing, stepping into the endless stream and expansive power of the frequencies, Rebecca has shifted to embracing a healer’s life. 

Rebecca believes her accelerated progress is from practicing Reconnective Healing. Experiencing the full-spectrum frequencies, it begins a quantum leap into light, into a deeper awareness of our vast energetic being. A meaningful SHIFT occurs…it can be subtle, it can be pronounced. It can take time, it can be rapid: A sense of change, a balancing begins…a start of the harmony we so need. 

When we heal, we grow. Transform. Ascend.