Rebecca Thompson

I travel extensively getting a world view of multiple countries. I went to schools in Pakistan, Thailand, Switzerland, England, Israel, Philippines and the US. The rich, varied experiences and adventures of crisscrossing the globe instilled in me a deep respect for all cultures, religions and people in all walks of life and circumstances.

I experienced multiple careers as a Business Administrator, Senior Network Support Engineer, Supervisor and Systems Engineer III. I left a high stress, moneyed career and became an end-of-life caretaker to my parents, undergoing a life-changing, humbling and soulful shift. Now, I strive to live in full potential, expression and creativity – I am an author in 4 anthologies, a community/tribe builder, hospital volunteer, Trauma/Addiction/Energy speaker/presenter, Reconnective Healing  & Reiki practioner, TRE (Tension, Stress, Trauma Release Process) facilitator  and I design symbolic jewelry.

We are diminished when sick, in pain or overwhelmed. Recovery/wellness is optimum when we INTEGRATE healing approaches to body, mind AND our energy field…releasing multi-layered and long-standing blockages. Dense, heavy, stuck energy is discharged physically, emotionally and energetically, thus RAISING our “home” frequency inviting a state closer to balance. In doing this powerful, impactful and necessary work, we heal, we emerge and grow. We can transform and transcend. We deserve to be free of chronic stress, constant anxiety, suffering, pain, diminished states…to be vital, vibrant and healthy beings living a big, full life.



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